Why Now? Cause, You Are Already Late.

It's Now Or Never

The climate change has already started

The tough hurricanes and floods are already hitting

The arctic glacier and green land ice have already started meting

The sea level is already rising

The air temperature is already increasing

The CO2 level in atmosphere is already increasing

In <50 Years (<~2068)

The Global Warming Temperature of Earth Will Be Enough To Irreversibly Damage The Earth

You Can't Do Much About It After That No Matter How Many Trees You Plant.


It Will Be An Irreversible Feedback Cycle Where

The Trees Will Not Be Able To Handle It Any More,

The Sea Level Have Gone High Enough,

Temperature Has Rised Enough,

CO2 Has Increased Enough,

Ice Have Melted Enough.



The CO2 Will Rise  Further,


The Global Temperature Will Rise Further,

This will go on



Not Enough Trees Can Be Planted To Handle the Crisis,

Beyond A Point (Year 2068 Onwards)!

If We Start Now,

We May Arrest The Global Climate Crisis Within 50 Years.